Senior 2016 College Highschool Graduation Decal Custom Colors

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Sen16R - Senior 2016 Decal for College or High School in your choice of colors

This decal can be custom cut to the size (length) you need. It is available from 4 inches to 9 inches. The one shown is 2 inches tall x 7 inches in wide, which is a great size. If you want this size, you will need to order a 7 inch decal.

Decals can come in many colors. The photo just shows a suggested example. You can select the color you would like. If no color is indicated, it will be cut white. Great for windows, ipods, or any flat surface.

Info Needed for order:
- the color you would like. If you do not state a color, your decals will be in White.

Please feel free to convo us if you have any questions or concerns.