Scissor Monogram Decal, Hairstylist Decal, Hairdresser Decal, Crafter Decal, Vinyl Decal

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Scissor Monogram Decal

This decal can be custom cut to the size (length) you need. It is available from 3 inches to 9 inches.

Decals can come in many colors. The photo just shows a suggested example. You can select the color you would like. If no color is indicated, it will be cut white.

Info Needed for order:
- monogram initial(s) in the order you want them.
- style of monogram you would like. If none is indicated, it will be a vine monogram
- the color you would like. If you do not a color, your decals will be in White.

Your monogram can be single letter, two letters or three letters.

Please feel free to convo us if you have any questions or concerns.