Welcome to BAV Designs....your home for custom decals and tshirts

We have been creating custom decals and t-shirts for some time.  The youngest daughter, Janelle, is a cowgirl and loves to run barrels.  This puts us at barrel races almost every weekend.  We are inspired by the beautiful, wonderful, strong ladies that we meet at these events. 

We love color and sassy.  When we started my goal was to do decals.  As we got move involved we found the love of tshirts.  It is a great feeling when you can make a shirt for a young lady that has her name, her horses name etc all on it and see her walking around with pride in her shirt.  Such a heart warming feeling.

We still do decals, along with our tshirts, because we firmly believe if it is not personalized, is it really yours.  That has became our motto through our process.  So, is your items personalized?  Do you have your trailer personalized?